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Compliance, Maintenance and Annual Renewal

You don't have to leave your practice unattended in order to keep your Qualified Physician Certificate up to date and in compliance with the numerous legal decrees. We can help you spend more time doing what you love, helping others without interruptions.

Who Qualifies?

Specialists & Surgeons
Medical Residents
Qualified Physician Certificate 

MedTrust can handle the entire process of activation and renewal of your Qualified Physician Certificate without disruptions to your practice. Keep in mind that your certificate must be renewed annually and failing to do so means losing your Tax Exemption Decree.

We Keep Your Certificate Active

Healthcare professionals that benefit from the Tax Exemption Decree (Law 14-2017) must renew any and all medical certificates annually. Failing to comply with the renewal process can mean having to reimburse tax benefits from previous years.

This is the MedTrust Difference

Our team is comprised of CPAs, Lawyers, Analysts, and other professionals that have successfully represented clients in all the processes for tax incentive decrees.


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