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Incentives, Exemptions & Grants

We have designed a program to guide our clients and speed up the application process for incentives, exemptions, and grants. You can receive top of the line advise and guidance about available incentives while we take care of the application procedures and representation through the process.

Who Qualifies?

Specialists & Surgeons
Medical Residents
Reduce the Rate of Contributions on your Eligible Income

Reduce the rate of deductions on your eligible income from 33% up to 4%

Exemptions on Dividends Issued for Medical Services

Receive up to 100% on exemptions issued by medical service businesses, up to $250,000 for a given tax year.

Fixed 4% Tax Rate for Qualified Doctors

Fixed 4% tax rate for 15 years for qualified doctors and healthcare professionals under the Law of Incentives for the Retention and Return of Medical Professionals

Student Loan Repayment

Doctors and dentists qualify for student loan repayment. The government of Puerto Rico will pay up to $65,000 in 7 annual installments to those doctors who decide to stay living on the island.

Legal Benefits

The New Incentive Legal Code

Why the Incentive Laws Matter

Tax Incentives for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals in Puerto Rico are put in place to reduce the exodus of said professionals, allowing professionals like you to benefit from reduced tax rates, exemptions, and grants.

You can learn more about these laws and codes (Law 14-2017 & Law 60-2019) with the following sources:

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