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Consulting, Strategy & Prevention of COVID-19

We have developed strategies to preemptively combat COVID-19 in order to protect employees and clients, and safely reoccupy buildings.

CIMR Technology

MedTrust and its subsidiaries are the only licensed distributors of the cutting-edge CIMR technology in Puerto Rico. This groundbreaking proprietary technology protects your business and family by producing 0.02 PPM (Parts per Million) of low-level hydrogen peroxide in gas to preemptively search and destroy viruses and bacteria before they can cause harm.

Strategy & Consulting

With the right tools, any challenge is doable. Mitigate the negative impact on your finances armed with the know-how we can provide. Our team of CPAs, Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Infectious Disease Specialists, and other professionals are prepared to help your business continue operations during these unprecedented and difficult times.

Seminars & Presentations

We offer educational seminars and presentations in conjunction with doctors and infectious disease specialists where we show clients and institutions the different tools at our disposal when it comes to fighting back against COVID-19 and on how to best mitigate the financial impact of the pandemic can have on your practice.

Strategy & Consulting

What is CIMR

Low-Level Hydrogen Peroxide in gas

Low-Level Hydrogen Peroxide in gas is, at its core, ionized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) particles released in a gaseous state. By using hydrogen peroxide in this state, it is allowed to reach every nook and cranny of your home or business where it can find viruses, bacteria, mold, and particles that cause bad odors, destroying them through oxidation. Because the particles are ionized, these are positively charged which attracts them to pathogens in the air and surfaces. 

To learn more about CIMR or acquire your own device, you can visit our MedTrust branch focused on low-level hydrogen peroxide solutions: BonAir

MedTrust Certified

Certified Pure Air

The MedTrust Certified Pure Air seal is more than just a guarantee, it is a statement. If you see this seal in any storefront you can rest assured that the business owner has taken every precaution to guarantee your safety and the safety of every visitor and staff.


We have, as part of our team, CPAs and Infectious Disease specialists that test, qualify, and certify an array of emerging technologies in the fields of medicine and health.


Our experts work in collaboration with specialists in many industries such as engineers, architects, lawyers, and many others, in order to put these emerging technologies to the test. It is only after the most rigorous testing that one can earn the MedTrust Certified seal of approval.

By joining our network of certified businesses, we help your business maintain profitability by keeping your business running and allowing you to maintain top building occupancy during the spread of COVID-19 without risking your employees or clients.

In order to certify your business as part of the CPA MedTrust protocol of health & safety to combat COVID-19, the first thing you must do is begin the process of acquiring a certified generator of low-level hydrogen peroxide in gas.


Get in touch and join our network of certified businesses to start protecting your family and employees today.

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